About the Teacher

Stacey loves to teach and she loves to learn. She has studied yoga, psychology, behaviorism, neuroscience, crisis intervention, mindfulness and circus yoga. Stacey has brought her learning to the community through teaching & coaching


Stacey has taught evidence based programs including: 

  • Anger Replacement Training (ART), an anger management program for youth

  • Skills Streaming (SS), a pro social skills program for at-risk youth

  • Mind Up, a mindfulness training program for school-aged children.


Stacey has also developed and taught her own programs including:

  • Space Nation, a personal values and social skills program which invited youth to create their own governing system and to collaboratively solve space exploration challenges 

  • Time for News, a history and social skills program which invited children to travel in time to  historical events, collaborative solve the problem faced by the people in this event, and create a video news report on the experience

  • Yoga for Emotions, an emotional awareness and regulation program which invited families to explore each of the primary emotions, learning how to recognize, embrace and release each 

Mindful Journey is a combination of her past programs, along with her own journey with mindfulness. As an individual with a wildly active mind and full breadth of emotions, Stacey developed Mindful Journey to support people who found traditional mindfulness training too challenging. Stacey brings creativity, laughter and love to the subject and encourages her students to explore mindfulness, psychology and behaviorism to find tools that work best for them.

  • Life Coaching Certificate (2012)

  • Life Space Crisis Intervention- 1 & 2 (2012 & 2019)

  • Expressive Arts Therapy (2012)

  • Circus Yoga (2008)

  • Yoga Teacher Training - 200 hrs (2008)

  • Bachelors of Social Sciences (2014)

  • 10 years Yoga Teacher

  • 5 years Children & Youth Worker

  • 4 years Small Business Owner & Life Coach


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