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Are you stressed out? Do you want to connect with a supportive online community? Have you wanted to start or enhance your mindfulness practice?


Join the Activate Mindfulness community and be a part of a supportive space where you can hone your mindfulness practice, learning to bring balance, compassion, and commitment to your life.

Activate Mindfulness is offering free Online Yoga classes, Mindfulness practices, and Support Groups through the COVID-19 closures.

How it Works

1. Find a program that fits your needs

2. Reserve your spot through MeetUp

3. Log onto Zoom using the Meeting ID

4. Enjoy the program!




Our mission is to help people activate their inner potential and live a life that is meaningful to them.


We do this by creating a supportive space for people to explore, learn and practice mindfulness. Through our programs, you will learn a variety of science-based mindfulness tools. You can then choose the tools that work best for you, incorporate them into your life, and in turn enhance your life fulfillment.


mindfulness Coaching

Build a custom toolbox of mindfulness-based skills to reach your goals and live a life that is meaningful to you.

Coaching includes goal-setting, mindfulness training, and support. You decide where you want to go, and I will help you get there!

Live Stream


Take a breath and get present.

Join us for an online yoga or mindfulness class to train your body and mind.

Let out your worries and share your joys with a supportive community. Join our online support groups.​